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Laud Life, How to remember after they've passed

Laud Life, How to remember after they've passed

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This was such a unique but healing way to walk through after a loved one passes!! These 8-tips that absolutely worked! I've never seen it done like this until Gram who did this on the first year anniversary of the death of her husband, my Grandfather. It's the reason this article has been read more that 145,000 times!

People struggle when they lose someone they love, and it makes powerful sense! Their life has been impacted, improved, changed, and the loss will create a void. But what if someone figured out another way to walk through that experience. It's not a perfect plan, but it is as near perfect without removing the impossible.

I originate and wrote this article after participating in a unique experience where my Grandmother celebrated the first year passing of her husband, my Grandfather. It provided me one of the most impressive honors I have known to this day. And many others have adopted it as their solution, but none can claim to have lived it. My Grandmother was the first. I share this, along with a more personal account, in hopes to bring a true opportunity of peace should you strive to stretch beyond the loneliness and pain that is an ever constant companion to death. I invite you to applaud the life lived.


Karleen Andresen is a conflict specialist practicing in mediation. These tools come through years of practice and research with proven success.






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