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6 Tips To Natural Summers

6 Tips To Natural Summers

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What this Momma leading a household of 10 did to survive! Each summer was full of activities! No, not the ones I had to hover over, but ones that allowed each person to self regulate!! Yes, each morning was full of tasks to do before getting to the "good stuff!" Tasks like workbooks, reading for 20-minutes, learning flashcards, drawing a card for Grandma etc. Knowing there would be an activity, a special lunch, friends, or a "field trip" in the afternoon was motivation enough most of the time!! Learn from someone who was up against nine others!! It's not easy, but boy--oh-boy, this made summers so much easier!! I usually had my mornings to myself and then afternoon activity, household chores, dinner, games, and voila, to bed tired and happy!!

Excerpt: Is it June already!? School is out and the kids are ecstatic, but you may be scratching your head wondering, "Now what?" Entertaining, training, rearing, loving, and just how to keep your sanity are natural thoughts. I mean, if I were being honest, keeping my sanity was actually my first thought! That is why this Momma with a household of 10, came up with her own survival strategies, and now I’m sharing a few with you! These ideas are simple to do and easy to love!

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