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10 Things Wives Don't Need To Apologize For

10 Things Wives Don't Need To Apologize For

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On your journey to a creating genuine conversations, these 10 things will give you concepts to ponder. This list are some of the top barriers that happen to women that pushes them into a shell over standing in their own light/power! 

Excerpt: When our fairytale ideas land somewhere among the thorns, we tend to dismiss those as childish and then push ourselves into a new reality. That new view shows up as concessions, accommodations, and being more tempered, but should those happen at the cost of all things wholesome, good, and contributing about You?

While it's absolutely true that marriage is a marathon, having a conversation is far more important than apologizing. So, keep the conversation going without apologizing for the following:

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Karleen Andresen is a conflict specialist practicing in mediation and is a certified hostage and crisis negotiator. These tools come through years of practice and research with proven success.