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About Us

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Mangobelly started in 2017 and we grew. 

Mangobelly is where I share my love and cool finds in connecting with family and friends all in one spot! A robust dose of intention with a little bit of direction is a great start. The products, digital downloads, and online courses just feed the desire for ease. 

Our main focus areas are things for you, for both of you, and for all of you.

  • Our charcuterie trays support large and small flocks. I have literally used them to ease the most stubborn situations.
  • Our instant downloads provide options to gaining connection with yourself and/or through others.
  • The online courses give us ways to evolve and enrich the lives of others through our own personal development!

It is my hope that you feel the magic and connection that happens through purchasing on our site.

Karleen at Mangobelly


Karleen Andresen has a masters degree and successfully mediates court cases and private clients. She founded the National Mediation Center where she originated the first phone dispute resolution program in the U.S. and trains teams on specific connection skills. Karleen is a university adjunct professor and is certified in crisis and hostage negotiations and has worked for crisis lines and situations. She reared seven children, cares for a disabled person, and resides in Idaho.