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About Us

Mangobelly started in 2017 and we grew. 

Our products are meant to solve the question, "How can I connect with ___________?"  We share, create, package products to make connection soooo easy anyone can do it!

Karleen, Founder of Mangobelly, was asked recently, "What's your story?"

With a house of 10, I've been creating, inventing ways to connect differently. I was that mom that didn't have 30-minutes for each child every day along with everything else they did and I did, so I had to come up with other ways including clustering talking time.

We had 12:01 breakfasts, field trips, courtesy stores, midnight pool parties, movie nights with mattresses, and foods are a really common connector. But food in our house meant trays and trays. That same pattern, and my Hawaiian style, brought others out too! Having 20 people over was pretty common because half of them were mine!! Hahaha.

For my store, instead of trying to become something I saw and loved in others, I took a step into my own past, and today I create products that help people connect.

For our trays, I thought wouldn't it be great to have one tray large enough (16x24) that one or two would give us enough time to stop the clock and enjoy each other! I mean, French toast used to be 2 rectangle cake pans, 4 loaves of bread, 2 bottles of syrup, butter, and they never had fruit toppings or whip cream. But now, I can create a French Toast loaf in a 13x9 cake pan, include toppings and 18 scrambled eggs and that will fit on two trays beautifully!! That's a BIG part of this story.

I see how hard it is for people to connect, but give people a tray and show them easy foods to put on it, and voila, you have something beautiful to start the conversation and magically others will find time to linger longer :-) Our shakers, same thing. I provide spice rub recipes for BBQs and easy ways to make good foods that make more time :-) Our Christmas digital download, same thought. Our upcoming Valentines product, again, same underlying principle. Appreciate the question, and let me know what you think!?

It is my hope that you feel the magic and connection that happens through our products. It seems no matter the tension, a tray filled with yumminess somehow chases the worries away only to replace it with connection, laughs, and lots of love.

Karleen at Mangobelly