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Travel Charcuterie Cheese Boards

at home or away, everything is a journey

Travel Charcuterie Cheese board

Seriously, wherever you go, whatever you do, it's a journey. Every journey should have a guarantee of joy in it. Let our darker pine wood cheese board tag along. The laughter it can bring, the fences it can mend and the stories it can share are no match for plastic baggies or boxes stowed on your lap. Pull it out, load her up and let the conversation take flight. She travels in carryon bags, overnight bags, weekenders at an AirBNB and sitting next to you on the couch snuggled in front of the fireplace or on that Hulu binge watch night! Go ahead, impress your friends and family by having it delievered to them along with an instacart or Doordash delivery.

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What makes our trays special?


Handmade! That's our magic word. Just like every conversation you have, they are custom made, no two are the same, and each one offers something to give and something to learn! These trays are hand crafted by people who run a professional business focused on helping people come together or needing time to talk through something. Something special happens when people share food, and you know it too. It's "Remember when...," it's solving the problems of the World, it's connecting at a special level, and it's belly laughs!!! Make it easy on yourself and grab a tray and change the World!!

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